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The Restaurant
of Le M de Megève

Winter season only

The Restaurant du M de Megève welcomes you in winter only with its double starred chef Édouard LOUBET who signs the restaurant and bar menus for a gastronomic and authentic culinary walk. Among his creations, you will find at the restaurant of M de Megève the roasted duck breast with caraway and smoked, his Crozets gratin in Parmentier, and the Wolf cooked on the skin, a juice with sage and bean bouquetière.

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The Restaurant of the M de Megève hotel has thought of the little ones, with a menu specially adapted to their desires. As for the latecomers, they can also take advantage of our room service offer available 24 hours a day (also valid in summer). Finally, every evening, a new Broche Rôtisserie arrives for the pleasure of savoring a variety of grilled meats.

The product cooked with taste and simplicity will be the star of an intimate and friendly space proposing a variation of regional flavors, at the rhythm of the seasons, in a "chic and mountain" spirit.

About the Chef

Present at the M only in winter season:

Concerned with ecology and well-being, Edouard Loubet leaves nothing to chance and every detail reflects his philosophy, his view of life, creation and nature.


Infinitely respectful of his profession, Édouard Loubet does not like frameworks or rules when they prevent him from expressing his best and are obstacles to the values of his work. It is in contact with nature that he draws his energy and inspiration.

"In each dish, I aspire to find what still has the flavor of authenticity in order to bring back the memories and dreams of my childhood. I go for simplicity. I prefer rustic sweetbreads with an exciting sauce that is light: I am not a great technician, I favor the tastes."

Above all, it is a matter of preserving the taste of the authentic: "Our challenge is to remain in the language of the real, to do right and good. A rack of lamb must taste like a rack of lamb.

The Bar of Le M
de Megève

The snack menu of the M bar will delight your taste buds with small plates such as mimosa eggs with caviar or truffles, but also with the Vitello truffo and Gorgonzola with Ventoux truffles.

For a change from the traditional mulled wine, our bartenders offer you to discover its hot cocktails, including its signature cocktail: the "M" ojito.
At snack time, come and enjoy a hot chocolate, Champagne and many traditional desserts prepared with care and passion by our chef: pies, choux, waffles, varieties of cookies, a real explosion of taste and flavors ... All at will.
The particularly warm Bar du M will take you to discover the flavors of exceptional products in a friendly and refined setting. Try the new Genépi tasting menu: (Noir, Hors d'Age or Bio...) to discover or rediscover this emblematic Alpine drink!

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New this winter:
The hotel is expanding its offer with a cozy and intimate coffee or a gourmet treat. After a long day on the slopes, by the fire or curled up in a blanket, gourmets can enjoy hot drinks prepared by our barista, also available in a frappe version:
- The M on a cloud: coffee, vanilla milk, lime zest, milk foam, fresh blueberries and miniature marshmallows
- Coconut and spicy chocolate: chocolate, vegetable milk, coconut milk and cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and star anise
- Milky Matcha green tea: Matcha tea, choice of milk and cane sugar

But also

In addition to the classics, a selection of rare rums and whiskeys are offered, intended for both the discerning and the novice connoisseur.

A range of barista-style coffees and a selection of wines by the glass are also available.

Finally, a selection of current beers, such as IPAs, unique to Megève.

Les Grands Crus de fondues

Winter season only

To each his own fondue ! Let our "cheese maker" advise you and compose the fondue of your choice from the best vintages of the region, selected for us by Hubert THUET, Artisan Affineur.

A new way to combine the pleasures of a refined setting with the flavors of exceptional products.

This year again, le M de Megève welcomes the " Grands Crus de Fondues "On an original idea of the Management, like a sommelier, our expert "cheesemonger" Thomas Lecomte will advise you to compose "your own fondue" by selecting the best cheeses of the region, made by Hubert THUET, Artisan Affineur. According to your tastes and desires of the moment, choose a fondue of variety or a fondue of assembly, to be tasted with bread but also with vegetables and fruits (pineapple, raspberries...), it is a true delight and what a creativity!

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A new interpretation of quality highlighted in the plates sparkling with taste and freshness.

And to accompany your meal, discover the selection of our Chef Sommelier elaborated to awaken the senses!

At M de Megève, create a 100% local Fondue recipe using cheeses from Savoie and Haute Savoie, including Manigodine, Beaufort, Abondance and Champagne for even more finesse.

The M Breakfast

At M de Megève also breakfast is one of the most important moments of the day.

This is why we offer a complete and adapted formula for this special moment and to start the day on the right foot.

Summer exclusivity: breakfast is served until noon to adapt to the rhythm of each of our clients.

In winter season: free breakfast for children under
12 years old, provided that it is taken by parents or guardians.

From 12 years old, the adult rate will be applied.


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