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300m2 dedicated to relaxation

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300m2 dedicated
to relaxation

Reserved for resident guests but open to outside Spa guests, the M's balneo area offers nearly 300m² in the heart of the hotel.

The style of the Spa tastefully combines local tradition and modernity, offering a pure design; our relaxation area is open from 8:30 am to 8 pm and to preserve your peace of mind, access to the SPA is limited for children (-12 years) from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

- Swim lane with counter-current
- Whirlpool
- Sauna
- Hammam

Relaxation area: showers and lounge.
Fitness: elliptical bike and weight training equipment.
New: treadmill equipped with a television screen.

Clarins Spa approved partner spa: 4 cabins (one of which is double) with individual music and light therapy.

The staff also reserves the right to regulate access to the space in case of high attendance.

Expert facials

Recognized for more than 65 years for its unique know-how in letting go and holistic well-being, the Spa by CLARINS is located in the 4 cabins of the hotel. At the heart of its tailor-made expert treatments, each treatment is adapted to your desires and needs. A pure parenthesis of well-being and unique sensory experiences.

At CLARINS, Spa also means nutritional and gustatory well-being, because beauty is a whole and pleasure is inseparable from it. For the M, Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins and Chef Edouard Loubet have joined forces to create an original menu: the first gastronomic wellness menu created in 5 courses for each season.


Expert youth care 60-90 min :

Following a skin diagnosis, this personalized treatment is adapted to the needs and beauty desires of each individual: from stressed skin to skin lacking in firmness and those weakened by hormonal changes. Whatever your age, this treatment visibly reduces the first wrinkles and those that have already set in and smoothes the features. Your skin is firmer, more toned and your complexion is more radiant.

Intense hydration care 60 min:

This treatment pampers dry and fragile skin and is ideal for restoring comfort, softness and radiance. Fine dehydration lines are plumped up and tightness is eliminated. Your skin is supple and pleasant to the touch.

Matifying purity care 60 min :

This Detox Care is the ally of combination or oily skin that needs to be rebalanced. Impurities are gently eliminated, shine is reduced and pores are tightened. Your skin is clear, fresh and radiant with health.

But also

After being pampered at the spa, a new infusion service is available.

Infusions and plant mixtures prepared specifically for Le M de Megève in collaboration with a herbalist after each massage and adapted to the needs: a relaxing preparation after a relaxing treatment or a tonic and stimulating preparation after a sport massage.

Expert body care & feel-good

Spa by Clarins offers customized and targeted treatments for ultimate relaxation of body and mind. Take advantage of the High Mountain Treatment when you return from a day of skiing to unwind after exercise, or the Tonic or Relax Balance Massage with essential oils that is reassuring, stimulating and revitalizing. For the M,

Chef Edouard Loubet's philosophy is similar to that of Clarins. They combine their knowledge of plants with the power of spices and local products to create a menu of 5 tasty and nutritionally balanced creations. A unique menu "good for the body, good for the mind".



The after sport treatment par excellence. Thanks to a deep and dynamic massage, it eliminates muscular and articular tensions.


The pleasure scrub par excellence, rich in essential oils. 100% natural exfoliation that leaves the skin delicately perfumed and satin-like, infinitely soft and velvety.



Take a break! This energizing facial, specially designed for men's skin prone to external aggression and irritation from shaving, purifies, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and energizes the skin. A complete treatment that provides an immediate sensation of deep well-being: you look relaxed, rested and totally reenergized.



This unique treatment allows you to disconnect from the outside world and refocus on yourself. The expert touch of "Ayuroma Touch" combined with the powers of Clarins plants and oils invites you to escape and let go. The relaxation is deep and total thanks to the face and scalp massage, and the benefits of the treatment are visible and palpable: the skin is softer, more satiny and more beautiful.


A massage to relieve muscle tension, relax the body and restore energy. More or less deep according to the muscular tensions and your desires, it is carried out with the "Tonic" Oil to stimulate the body and the spirit or with the "Relax" Oil for a sensation of absolute relaxation.

Child Care

Because children's skin has specific needs, come and discover our "Douces papouilles" massage for the greatest pleasure of the little ones. Made with a certified organic TOO FRUIT massage balm with soothing chamomile and nourishing apricot oil, your child will experience a true moment of relaxation in the caring hands of our practitioners.

Care from 5 years old.


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